“The Legend of the Stone” is my amateur musical project.
The name has two meanings. I grew up at the foot of the mountain, and in our Urals mountains are called stones. The second meaning is symbolic: the state of petrification of the soul, which is overcome by art.
In form, these are spontaneous audio sketches that I started doing 10 years ago using various instruments that I managed to get: flutes, harps, synthesizers.
Behind them are years of testing and overcoming difficulties, ups and downs: from trauma and resuscitation, to fleeting happiness.
Music has always been with me and helped in difficult periods of life.
Perhaps there will be people who will help my work (to distract from everyday life, for example).

Best regards
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On Kroogi since 31 July 2019
Oleg Panin   
Yekaterinburg, Russia
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